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5 Proven Frameworks That Will Help You Achieve More In Less Time!

Struggling to be productive? I’ll Show you Step by Step How to be More Productive and Accomplish More Than Average People! 

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Time to set yourself to work SMARTER, not harder! 

Dear Reader, 

If you use the “BUSY” term in your day to day life. Then you must read this! 

Being busy is a sign of an unproductive person? 

An unproductive person,

Takes more time to do simple things..

Always complains about time..

Being busy all the time.. 

Frustrated with life…

Spends time on useless things…

Let me know if this resonates with you. 

Do you feel that you have LESS time?

Are you constantly busy with your work? 

And your health & relationships are suffering? 

Do you take more time to complete even a simple task? 

You’re not 100% satisfied with your life? 

If that’s you. Then I have good news for you. 

But before that,  

Would you like to know what’s the root cause of all the problems that you’re facing? 

The answer is, 

You’re not using your time and energy effectively...

You’re being busy all the time… Being Busy doesn't mean you are more productive! 

You’re not focusing on learning new things.... 

In today's time, you are loaded with multiple tasks, bombarded with tons of information, ads, notifications and what not. 

Everyone is trying to get your attention. In between you feel overwhelmed all the time. 

I am done telling you the root cause of the problem. :)

Let me come back to the good news. 

Today, you have a chance to become a highly productive person that works LESS and achieves more. 

Presenting The 10X Productivity Course

The 5 major secrets you will DISCOVER in this course that will transform you into a highly productive person!

How to boost your Productivity to 50x in almost No time?

How to achieve More Effortlessly in Less Time?

How to adopt Micro Productivity?

How to Make Your Mind and Life peaceful?

How to cut down Multitasking effortlessly?

The normal Price is ₹2,000

TODAY’s Special offer price is JUST ₹499

FLAT 75% Discount - Limited time offer 

Increasing your productivity improves other aspects of your life.

For example,


If you are 100% productive and finish all the urgent & meaningful tasks on time every single day without stressing yourself. 

How would you feel? 

Your boss will be happy by seeing your work, 

You will feel more energetic and happier, 

You will have leisure time, 

You will have time to spend with loved ones, 

You will have time to improve your skills such as communication skills.  

You can follow your hobbies. 

You will be able to organise your thoughts, improve your focus and develop new habits effortlessly. 

There are endless benefits you’ll enjoy if you JUST become more productive.  

How does LOW productivity impact your both professional & personal life?

As we all know both lives are dependent on each other.

Poor productivity leads to Undesirable results, which brings more stress and this impacts your mental health which leads to Depression, Anxiety and ultimately life suffering.  

This is a complete cycle of LOW productivity.

Meet Your Course Instructor

Life coach Mr. Abhishek Gupta aims to help people take a leap of faith into enhanced productivity. A believer in deep learning and sustained growth, Abhishek Gupta created a niche for himself in the world of self-help and public speaking.

His accolades are a testament to the incredible life skills he helped people master.

The lack of mentorship that hampers growth is why he started with online mentorship to mentor businesses & individuals worldwide for their faster growth. A certified Hypnotherapist & an NLP Master Practitioner.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta has graced several organizations as a guest speaker, featured in live shows on national TV channels, worked with many celebrity trainers and has trained numerous professionals till date

His mentees include professionals from all industries like doctors, professors, managers, politicians, scientists, lawyers, actors, and many more.

He was awarded as the Best Life and Business coach in the year 2017 and as the Best Corporate Trainer in 2012. He is on a mission to transform 1 million people this year.

I have spent 15 years of my life. I read almost every book, bought costly online courses and seminars on the subject of Productivity. 

The good news is you don’t have to spend 15 years to DISCOVER the BEST productivity-boosting secrets. 

Therefore, I created The 10X Productivity Course!

In this course, I’ll share 5 Proven Frameworks that will 10X your productivity in no time.  

I wrote an article on “Productivity” which was published on Forbes India. 

Have a look at the image below! 

I am proud to invite you to JOIN The 10X Productivty course

Take charge of your life TODAY by managing your time, energy and focus. 

The 10X Productivity Course is PERFECT for,

Here’s a Recap of What You’ll Get Today!

Get The 10X Productivity Booster before the Prices go back to normal. 

Apply today to UNLOCK The Bonuses are worth ₹2,000 absolutely FREE!

Bonus #1: Deep meditation session (value ₹1,000) 

Bonus #2: Lifetime access to the Course (Value₹1,500) 

Total VALUE ₹4,500

Normal Price Rs. 1,499/- 

Today’s Special Price is JUST ₹499 

Don't be tempted to do more WORK or jobs. Because Those will never end and come to you again and again. 

Now you have two options:

Option #1: Work harder and create frustration, anxiety and depression out of your life. 

Option #2: Work smarter and get the same success without compromising the quality of your life. 

The choice is yours.

Productive People are Those who take action Quickly

Are you one of them? Yes

Take action now and get your 10X Productivity Course now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Productivity Booster help you to increase your productivity?

In this online program, I’ve revealed 5 Proven Strategies to increase your productivity. Once you implement those strategies in your life, you’ll see the difference in your productivity level.

Duration of Productivity Booster?

You’ll receive 6 videos each video length is more than 10-minutes. You can finish this program in 2 hours. You can finish the “Productivity Booster” in a few days too if you don’t have much time.

Who is your trainer?

Abhishek Gupta is your trainer. Abhishek Gupta has 15+ years of experience in life coaching, teaching, and motivational training.
In this lockdown, Abhishek Gupta had taken back-to-back 50 LIVE classes without taking any single day off. Each class was more than 2 hours long. That’s the kind of productivity Mr. Abhsihek Gupta has.

Why is this course Paid?

Often, I see most people don’t value the FREE things. If anyone paid for that thing, then they pay attention to that course or something.

I have my team who does all the things. So there’s a cost of running everything. The learning portal you will be using to watch the course they charge me repeatedly.

I also need money to maintain all the things.

That’s why this is not a FREE course!

The normal Price is ₹2,000

TODAY’s Special offer price is JUST ₹499

FLAT 75% Discount - Limited time offer 

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